• DIY | T-Shirt Romper American Apparel Inspired

    I used 3/8″ elastic

    Long time no see! I hope you all enjoy the video, and tag me on Instagram if you happen to make it.

    Also thank you for 10k omggg. I’m so happy 10 thousand of you guys decided to stick around. I have more videos planned (sorry for the MIA in June btw, I wasn’t feeling too well), and see you all next time! ♥

    ↠ t i p s
    • PLEASE pre-wash your cotton knit fabric before using

    • Essentially, the shirt part should be cropped and the shorts part is high-waisted to get the effect, so make the necessary adjustments to your pattern pieces, I had to tweak mine like 3 times.

    • Make sure that the front/back shirt pattern width at the bottom is the same as the front/back shorts pattern width at the waist. This ensures that the top and bottom of the bottom are the same widths when you get to sewing the casing.

    • For people with WIDER HIPS: cut a longer slit down the back, and make the height of the facing that length.

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    Try Me // Tonton x WTN3

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  • DIY Swirly Tie-Dye T-Shirts

    WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS VIDEO’S INTRO? Comment down below! (I personally absolutely la la la love the editing 😀 )

    BIIIIIIIIIIG thanks to my younger sister for helping me filming myself for the intro and outro!! She did an awesome job!

    Another HUMONGOUS thanks goes out to ilovetocreate.com, the creators of Tulip fabric decor products! They gifted me most of the tie-dye kits in this video after watching my DIY Rainbow Loom storage case stickers video which featured their Tulip-brand products. Be sure to check out their site!

    Also a big thanks goes out to my crazy friend, KW, who tie-dyed shirts with me 🙂 She showed her face! Unfortunately, she wasn’t in town when my sister and I filmed the intro and outro, so she’s not in any of those clips 🙁

    Hi everyone!

    In case you’re wondering, you can purchase your own Tulip one-step tie-dye kit at your local craft stores 🙂 This kit worked out great for KW and I! I have had my tie-dye shirts for quite a while now and they’ve been washed a lot since they’re literally my favorite shirts to wear now (lol), and the colors are still quite vibrant!

    KW and I had so much fun tie-dying these shirts and we hope you do too! She decided to show her face in the video, but due to parental restrictions, I didn’t show my face in this video. Stay tuned for a video face reveal!

    I had a blast filming the intro and outro clips, as well as editing them. Let me know what you think of my intro and outtro’s filming and editing in the comments! Be sure to post a pic of your swirly shirts on Instagram hashtag them to #tutorialsbya on Instagram so KW and I can see!

    Love all around,
    PLEASE NOTE: The intro’s music is my own mashup remix of multiple songs. My mashup remix itself is NOT copyrighted but the individual songs I used may be. Credits go to the original producers, but I did not infringe any copyrights since I used my own mashup. The main background music throughout the rest of the video is copyrighted; however, I hold a license, allowing me to use this song safely.

    *Not sponsored; as stated earlier, some of the tie-dye kits were gifted to me by iLoveToCreate, the makers of the tie-dye kits that I used, but I purchased everything else myself (or they were purchased by KW). Check out the YouTube channel of iLoveToCreate: youtube.com/duncancrafts

    Lol my washer and dryer don’t match 😀

  • 6 DIY T-shirts EVERY Girl Should Try

    Here are 6 easy DIY T-shirt Ideas that you’d be crazy not to try!
    I always wish I could shop straight from Tumblr or Pinterest so I decided to just make my own shirt ideas!
    Lauren’s DIY’s!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmMJ0…

    If you are reading this right now….thanks being fabulous…and also, you should totally comment your favorite DIY in the video comments below!

    Also, if you have any ideas of your own, you should tell me down below and we can all have a lil conversation about different easy DIY shirt ideas!

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    4) Contest is international and closes on June 6th, winner to be announcement on instagram!

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    INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/megandeangelis
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    Im sorry my last few videos have been so rushed. I have major procrastination problems, like, I wait untill last minute to edit it and then I end up really disappointed because I know I could have done such cool stuff with the footage aaaagh. but I’m working on time management skills, so sit tight hehe.
    love you guys…. ok bye.

  • DIY Clothes! DIY 5 T-Shirt Crafts

    DIY clothes: DIY T Shirt! In this DIY clothes tutorial I show you 5 amazing DIY T shirt projects and outfits. These easy crafty DIY fashionable shirts are perfect for summer, so grab your old T shirts and let’s do some DIY clothes crafts. Many of you liked my first DIY T-Shirt tutorial and my DIY shorts and DIY shoes videos, so I decided to do another from DIY clothes projects. With every T-shirt I also show an outfit so prepare for 5 cool summer outfits. You can wear them to school or rock them at home! If you like easy DIY crafts then these DIY T Shirt cutting ideas are perfect for you. So let’s recycle, revamp or renovate your old clothes into amazing DIY tops. If you’re a teenager, an adult or a kid, if you like fashion and if you want to stand out this summer with an awesome T-shirt then this is the tutorial for you.


    The first DIY project we are making is an adorable DIY shirt with panda and lace detailing. For the lace hem you only need a piece of lace and a fabric glue. Glue the lace on the back of your shirt edge for a lovely lace accent. The other part of our first DIY t shirt is a cute panda bear. I made it using fabric markers, but you can use fabric paint instead. If you wan you can draw other animals like bunny, mouse or whatever your favorite animal may be. This is why these DIY projects are so much fun! You can be so creative and tailor your DIY shirts to perfectly suit your preferences! Now to the outfits. Keeping the rest of my outfit simple I paired it with black denim shorts and some white lacey sneakers

    Next DIY clothes project includes a gorgeous lace cut out and fringe. Fringe is the hottest trend this summer, even though, honestly I adore fringe shirts every summer! I love how fringe gives so much movement and uniqueness to every shirt. And what is better and than a handmade DIY shirt? I decided to make my fringe even more special and interesting with a cool knotting technique. For a lovely bohemian detail I also made a lace heart cut out on the back. Just cut the heart, stick a piece of lace inside the shirt and you are done! Now this is what I call fashion! Outfits: Top with some light washed skinny jeans and sneakers with blue stars all over. Some brown sandals or wedges would go perfectly with this outfit too for a more romantic, bohemian look.

    In this DIY crafts video I also show you a simple variation of the knotted fringe. Just cut the excess fringe and you are left with the beautiful crochet cropped top, perfect to wear with high waisted shorts and shirts. How cool right?! Just with one simple step you get a completely different DIY shirt! Since this top is shorter I like wearing it more high – waisted bottoms, like this skirt – one of my favorites outfits.

    Now this is a DIY old clothes project. I had this yellow t-shirt for more than 10 years. Many DIY shirts can be simply pimped up with DIY shirt cutting. I show you a simple braid idea. On my DIY fashion shirt I made a cutting design around the collar and along the back. I also cut away the sleeves and the bottom hem, which always make your DIT shirts look so edgy and cool. DIY shirt cutting ideas are especially awesome on graphic tees, like mine. Distressed light washed jeans, blue sneakers and cool glasses to complement this lovely t shirt outfit.

    In this DIY shirts project tutorial I also show a beaded fringe top with a DIY star graphic design. I made a star using rounded sponge applicators, star stencil and fabric paint. This time I decided to spice up the lace using blue beads. This DIY shirt just screams summer to me. I love the star explosion and fringe combined with the beads! See how you can be super creative and combine different elements to create amazing DIY shirts. This is why DIY clothes project are always so much fun! Last of 5 outfits consist of yellow shorts and white sneakers, because with a top like this you don’t really need much more.

    Help me translate this DIY Project: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_vid…

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    Songs used in DIY Clothes nail tutorial:
    2) Funny Children
    3) Children
    4) Happiness
    5) Teamwork
    6) Childrens Smile
    From Antarctic – music. Check more of his great music at http://stockmusicclouds.com/ or visit him on twitter https://twitter.com/antarcticbreeze

    1) Dollardåsene
    from K-391. Check more of his great music at https://www.youtube.com/user/TheK391

    Works are provided under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b…). Everything else is either mine, stock footage, YouTube library or public domain.

  • DIY Clothes Life Hacks

    DIY clothes life hacks! In this life hacks video I show DIY clothes from old clothes, perfect for fashionable teenagers, kids or anyone else! DIY clothes for summer fashion video includes 10 DIY life hacks on how to recycle your old jeans, shirts into new amazing crafts.

    Check out Maddie’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG4jy…

    DIY clothes from old jeans are probably my fave. Patched jeans and denim jackets are a huge trend this season. Buying those in store can be pretty expensive. Luckily DIY patched jeans are super easy to DIY. I found my jeans in a thrift store for very cheap. Jeans patches can be bought on-line or in a craft store. All you need to do is iron your patches on the jeans or a denim jackets and you are finished!

    A donut floppy hat is a great way to revamp your old plain floppy hats. Simply color the brim of your hat in a color that represents a donut glaze. Pink, blue and white are the standard ones. Leave the color to dry and draw on a bunch of colorful sprinkles. I think this DIY donut hat is the pretiest DIY and you need to try it.

    DIY shirts can be so much fun to make. In this DIY clothes video I show you an epic life hack on how to color your shirts using sharpies.You need sharpies and rubbing alcohol to creat a beautiful marbled effect on your shirt. Besides that I show you how to create an easy cropped knot tee from a plain white shirt.

    Warning! In my DIY clothes tutorial I show you probably the cutest DIY shoes you have ever seen. Using a blue fabric paint and white self adhesive paper you can create the most stunning couds sneakers ever. This DIY project is so simple and perfect for teenagers or older craft lovers.

    Who doesnt’t like tie dye DIYs? I love them! This time I used my old white jeans to create beautiful green and red shorts. I show you how you can achieve a simple gradient on your DIY shorts. I also used some studs to make the shorts even more epic.

    Choker necklaces are a huge trend right now. In this DIY clothes video I show you two simple DIY chokers. First one is made using a charm and a velvet string. This choker is made in a minute and looks fantastic. For he other choker DIY you need a flower lace, a button and some kind of string. I show you how to make a nice closure to make it easy to put the choker on and off your neck.

    Ok, we all know that my galaxy DIYs obsession is real, right? I’ve already show you how to create DIY galaxy shoes, DIY galaxy school bag and now it’s time for a DIY galaxy shirt. I decided to make a triangle galaxy shirt. I am so happy with how it turned out – neat, cool and a bit edgy. This is a perfect DIY to recycle old shirts!

    Bleach can be used to make the clothes whiter. But did you know that you can use bleach to make epic patterns to. This is another DIY shorts project from old jeans that I show you in this video. To be able to draw with bleach we first need to make a bleach gel. Mix together some corn starch, water and bleach. Now you can write and draw on your shorts to make them look totally pretty and unique.

    Besides DIY clouds shoes I also show you how to make adorable sprinkles shoes. These are so simple and easy to make. Take your fabric markers and draw a bunch of short lines all over your sneakers. This DIY only takes a minute to make but the result are the cutest DIY shoes ever.

    Remember that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a perfect summer wardobe. All you need are some old clothes, some creativity and a bit of time. Hope you try these DIY clothes ideas out!

    Help me translate this DIY Clothes Life Hacks Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_vid…

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    Songs used in the Morning Routine Life Hacks and DIY video:
    1) Vacation Packages
    2) Life is Beautiful
    3) European Vacations
    4) Only Forward to Success
    5) Happy Travels
    6) Dance With Me
    7)Sunny Day
    All from Antarctic – music. Check more of his awesome music at http://stockmusicclouds.com/ or visit him on twitter https://twitter.com/antarcticbreeze

    Intro song: Vicetone – Nevada (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff) – Nevada
    Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qqcca…
    Label Channel: http://www.youtube.com/monstercat

    Work provided under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b…).

  • Clothing Vocabulary for Kids

    Clothing Vocabulary for Kids – What Do You Wear Chant – ELF Kids Videos
    Hi,welcome to elf learning, In this video, There are 24 vocabulary clothing words for preschool, kindergarten, ESL and EFL students.
    This video contains the vocabulary in ELF Learning’s “Clothing” theme. All words are introduced in a LISTEN and REPEAT pattern and followed by a blank review to allow students to practice.

    Vocabulary include:

    hat, boots, cap, coat, dress, earmuffs, glasses, gloves, jacket, jeans, mittens, pajamas, pants, rain boots, scarf, shirt, shoes, shorts, skirt, socks, sweater, swimsuit, t-shirt, underpants

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    ELF Learning creates songs, videos and other learning materials for kids all over the world. Based in Japan, we publish books, CDs, DVDs and of course…learning videos!

    Our videos are designed for children ages 2~10 and cover a wide range of topics.

    Our song videos are a mix of original and classic children’s songs. We try hard to add the ELF touch – clear vocals, different genres and lots of FUN!

    Our learning videos cover vocabulary, phrases and patterns perfect for the ESL and EFL classroom.

    Many of our videos work well with special needs children, especially those with Autistic Disorder, Speech and Language Impairments and Speech, Reading and Learning Disabilities. We often receive emails from parents thanking us for helping their child learn to speak or read and each time it makes our day!

  • PONEY – International Kids Apparel Leading Brand

    In 1992, Albert Tan and Sharon Ng found PONEY and today it become international leading brand that offering fashionable and comfortable clothing for children from infants to pre-teens.

    PONEY brand, offers seasonal collections consisting of clean lines and mix-n-match simplicity. Suited for kids and parents who love to travel and explore the world around them.

    Conceptualized as a prelude extension to PONEY, BABY PONEY brand focuses on providing contemporary styles for infants with clothes made from the finest and softest cotton, put together in exquisite style.

    Simplicity, Classic, Contemporary, Ultimate comfort. PONEY, always the happiness choice for parents and kids.

  • Mens Fashion Hacks & Tips for Fall

    You whats going down guys, todays mens fashion video I’ve taken all the items I bought and featured in my mens fashion haul 2016 + a few new clothes and make a mens fashion hacks / fashion tips for men, I’ve got a mens fall haul 2016 coming very soon as promised but for now here are all the items seen in my last mens fashion haul and used in this mens fashion tips video.

    Now Im aware some of you are going to be at an advanced level when it comes to style hopefully you pick up a few fashion hacks for men. Please remember anyone new to our community will be at a begginer level there for this fashion tips for men will be more useful to them. So yeah hope you enjoy the video, soon I got a mens fashion fall type of video coming soon, probs a few mens haul 2016 videos. See you guys next week.

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    If you see this type ‘Jakes Bun Looks Cool’ 😀

    Items Featured :

    Zara Leather Jacket: http://www.zara.com/uk/en/man/outerwear/view-all/leather-effect-jacket-c764502p3645707.html

    Leather Jacket: http://www.zara.com/uk/en/man/jackets/faux-leather/leather-effect-jacket-c527506p3645707.html

    Hoodie: http://www2.hm.com/en_gb/productpage.0387843001.html

    Black T: http://www.topman.com/en/tmuk/product/black-step-hem-longline-t-shirt-5488456?bi=0&ps=20

    White T: http://www.topman.com/en/tmuk/product/white-step-hem-longline-t-shirt-5760136?bi=0&ps=20

    Snapback: https://www.size.co.uk/product/champion-9fifty-big-c-logo-snapback-cap/235384/?istCompanyId=44259a28-7e2d-45e6-bbfe-b7c7b54af454&istItemId=aqqxmqtlq&istBid=tzwl&gclid=CjwKEAjwl4q-BRDtzJmSk-uGunkSJACmCOY-z82DCbaBeW_4gj68b-C0RYU6yUe3ZlnxYR8Sv477QBoCwSzw_wcB

  • 10 Summer Style Essentials | Men’s Summer Outfit Ideas

    In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of http://www.aaronmarino.com http://www.iamalpham.com and http://www.peteandpedro.com, shows you his 10 favorite summer essentials. With these ten summer essential items you can create a ton of cool summer outfits and looks. Now you know how to look cool even when it is hot outside with these great summer men’s outfits.

    In Alpha’s opinion, cold weather months present the best time for men’s style. However, warm and hot weather seasons happen, but you can still look great, sexy, and stylish. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents his personal top 10 for warm and hot weather ensembles.

    1. Casual canvas sneaks
    2. Simple leather flip flops or boat shoes
    3. Colorful, fun salmon or coral shorts
    4. Chambray shorts
    5. Cut-off jean shorts
    6. White v-neck tee
    7. Retro screen-printed tee
    8. Tank top
    9. Short sleeve fitted light blue button-up
    10. Sweet pair of shades

    Alpha presents the outfits in action (1) sexy combo (2) casual and bad boy (3) tank top (4) simple, clean look for evening out. The items are versatile, which you can create many different looks. You can also switch out colors and styles to your personal preferences. The point is that you can still look cool even though it’s hot outside.

    JackThreads: http://www.jackthreads.com/alpham
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  • 3 Outfits Every Guy Needs

    In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, Aaron Marino of http://www.iamalpham.com, shows you 3 essential outfits that every guy needs in his wardrobe. These three perfect outfits will ensure you always will have the prefect outfit for any occasion.
    It’s time for outfit show-and-tell. Aaron Marino of alpha m. has come up with a list of three outfits that every guy needs to have ready to rock. The pieces are Alpha’s picks but each are personal preference. If a man has these three outfits in his wardrobe, he will have a solid and stylish option for any occasion
    Outfit One | Perfect Casual Cool
    Long sleeve charcoal Henley, casual leather belt, distressed jeans and Chukkas. It needs to seamlessly transition between day to night.

    Outfit Two | Dressy Casual
    Fitted light blue oxford, slim fit corduroys, and monk straps. It’s that outfit when going out to decent dinner, on a date, or somewhere nice in the evening. You can throw on a v-neck sweater and a tie to elevate. Change pants to slacks or chinos or dark washed jeans.

    Outfit Three | Dress to Impress
    The medium charcoal grey suit works for every occasion. The shirt is simple fitted white button up and Allen Edmonds. If you’re not a suit guy, you can opt for slacks, a button up, and sport coat. Outfit Three is your stylish suit of armor.

    Alpha says that these three outfits are his go-to outfits. Alpha wants to see yours! Post your signature outfits on Fitbay by following AlphaM Fitbay Profile, creating a profile, then uploading your signature outfits. Fitbay is awesome! Alpha wants to see your signature style! He’ll see you soon!

    Fitbay: http://www.fitbay.com
    Alpha M. on Fitbay: https://fitbay.com/AlphaM
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    My Services and Products: http://www.aaronmarino.com
    Alpha M. App: http://www.alphamapp.com/
    My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com
    My Services: http://www.aaronmarino.com
    Free Hairstyle E-Book: http://http://www.iamalpham.com/ezine

    Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com

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