I used 3/8″ elastic

Long time no see! I hope you all enjoy the video, and tag me on Instagram if you happen to make it.

Also thank you for 10k omggg. I’m so happy 10 thousand of you guys decided to stick around. I have more videos planned (sorry for the MIA in June btw, I wasn’t feeling too well), and see you all next time! ♥

↠ t i p s
• PLEASE pre-wash your cotton knit fabric before using

• Essentially, the shirt part should be cropped and the shorts part is high-waisted to get the effect, so make the necessary adjustments to your pattern pieces, I had to tweak mine like 3 times.

• Make sure that the front/back shirt pattern width at the bottom is the same as the front/back shorts pattern width at the waist. This ensures that the top and bottom of the bottom are the same widths when you get to sewing the casing.

• For people with WIDER HIPS: cut a longer slit down the back, and make the height of the facing that length.

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